Mud Client Support Table

Mud Protocol Recommendations

If you see any inaccuracies or have info on a later version of a client, or a new client entirely, please send me your info.

reviews brief list

IAC IAC treated as '' (or whatever)??
IAC NOP (keepalive) ignored?
ECHO hides passwords??
Negotiates EOR??
CSI as shortcut for ESC]?
ESC]22m turns bold off??
ESC]39m sets default foreground?
ESC]m resets?
VT100 special graphics (lines)??
8bit clean??
TTYPE (Terminal-Type) option??
NAWS (Window-Size) option??
xterm titlebar??
Unicode support??
Isolated CR honoured??
MXP support?
MCCP support?
SSL support?
Underline support?
Italic support?
Blink support?
Inverse support?
Will beep on BEL?


Cannot open for reading!