Mud Client Support Table

Mud Protocol Recommendations

If you see any inaccuracies or have info on a later version of a client, or a new client entirely, please send me your info.


platformclientreleased onweb pagelater version available?
linux AL Client 2.01 (Linux)2003-02-21 Here
windows AL Client 2.01 (Windows)2003-02-03 Here
windows AvPlay 5c1996-06-30 Here
windows beipmu 2.00.1422002-11-29 Here
linux BMud 0.52000-11-24 Here
macos cantrip 0.8 Here
linux clio 1.72002-05-13 Here
linux Crescendo 1.1.62000-05-24 Here
windows CRT 4.0.1 Here4.0.2
linux crystal 0.2.12003-05-26 Here
windows DDE Mud Client 1.5.822002-11-17 Here1.5.83
windows DSClient 1.40 Here
windows Elf 4.031997-11-08 Here
linux Ferox 0.1b2003-02-05 Here
windows Fire Client 2.11a2002-11-18 Here2.13
windows gatewaymu 1.0 beta 1 Here
linux gmoo 0.5.62002-05 ? Here
windows gmud 1.9b Here
linux gMUDix 0.92002-10-28 Here0.10
linux gnome-mud 0.9.12002-07-03 Here
windows gosclient 1.6.1 Here
python GroundZero II Mud Client2002-10-15 Here
macos x hydraMUD v0.5.0a
java JamochaMUD beta9 2002-11-102002-11-10 Herebeta10
java java client Here
windows JMC 3.26 Here
linux KBTin 1.0.3 Here
linux kmud 1.02001-06 Here
linux kmuddy 0.4.1 Here
python lyntin 3.1 Here
linux mcl 0.532003-09-29 Here
windows Mud Master 2000 3.44 Here
unix/win32 mmc 4.1.00842003-04 Here
linux mmucl 1.4.22002-02-24 Here1.5.1
windows MonkeyTerm 2.12003-03-24 Here
windows moops Here
windows MuckClient 3.012003-05-02 Here
linux MudAid 0.1a2001-01-30 Here
linux mudix 4.62002-05-13 Here
windows, mac, linux mudlet 1.1.02010-03-08 Here
windows, mac, linux mudlet 2.12013-01-07 Here
linux mudlin 0.72002-06-20 Here
windows Mud Master 2.6.1 Here
windows mushclient 3.322002-11-10 Here
java NFMCA 0.2.52002-07-01 Here
python Original Gamer 0.4.72002-11-10 Here
unix/windows/macosx/linux papaya 0.98future Here
perl Perl Mud Client 2.1002002-10-04 Here
windows Portal 8.0 C Here
linux powwow 1.2.52000 Here
windows Pueblo 2.60 Here
windows putty Here
macos rapscallion 2.0.21998-10-18 Here
linux rmc 0.692000-09-11 Here
windows RoAClient 4.72002-10-27 Here
windows Sanx's MUD Client 1.2.412001-08-27 Here
linux sclient 0.7.21999-07-03 Here
windows simplemu 4.4.82002-11-09 Here
tcl smm++ 6.0.12002-01-22 Here
windows SMud 1.0.4 Here
windows souracid Here
windows SpMUD Here
windows swordview beta 8 Here
linux telnet
windows telnet (Windows 2000)
windows telnet (Windows 95)
windows Tera Term Pro 2.31998-03-10 Here
windows Tinkeri View Here
linux tintin++ 1.862001-07-12 Here
windows wintin++ 2.00.92013-04-11 Here
linux tinyfugue 4.0 stable 11999-03-06 Here
windows tkMOO-light 0.3.322001-12-21 Here
windows Trebuchet 1.0292002 Here
windows VMoo 1.6b Here
windows winmud 1.12 Here
linux, windows xpertmud 3.0 beta 1 Here
perl ymusk 0.99 Here
windows zmud 6.402002-12-20 Here