Mud Client Support Table

Mud Protocol Recommendations

If you see any inaccuracies or have info on a later version of a client, or a new client entirely, please send me your info.

reviews brief list

Name/Version cantrip 0.8
Web Page
Platform MacOS
IAC IAC treated as '' (or whatever)??
IAC NOP (keepalive) ignored yes
ECHO hides passwords? ignores
Negotiates EOR? no : barfs
CSI as shortcut for ESC]?
ESC]22m turns bold off??
ESC]39m sets default foreground?
ESC]m resets?
VT100 special graphics (lines)? no
8bit clean? no
TTYPE (Terminal-Type) option? no : barfs
NAWS (Window-Size) option? yes
xterm titlebar? no
Unicode support??
Isolated CR honoured??
MXP support?
MCCP support yes
SSL support?
Underline support?
Italic support?
Blink support?
Inverse support?
Will beep on BEL?