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Cryosphere's Policy on profanities and swearing is quite simple:

If anyone asks you to stop using certain language because they find it offensive, stop using it. Continuing with the language despite their request will be considered harassment and dealt with as such.

If anyone is reasonably requested to stop using offensive language, and they insist on perpetuating its use, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Senior Officers, for the necessary action to be taken.

There are certain words, which should never be used on public channels at any time. These are obvious and do not need repeating in this policy. Players are expected to use their common sense.

Finally, the making of 'explicit' comments on chat channels is frowned upon. Whilst subtle innuendo is common place, and open to interpretation by the reader, blatant remarks of this sort will be dealt with appropriately.

It is however noted that the Cryosphere is an adult mud, and use of vulgar language per se is not prohibited, just abusive use of it.

<This policy may be changed at any time by the Senior Officers>
<April 10, 2002>