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Submission Policy

The admin team of the Cryosphere welcome anyone that wishes to create things to add to the Cryosphere world, whether they are missions, or just places or people. Indeed, if you ever want to be promoted to captain or above, you'll have to contribute something to the game.

There are however a few guidelines you should bear in mind, before starting to write anything.

1) Your idea must fall within the general setting of the MUD.
You should use common sense here, but ask a Captain if you are unsure.

2) Please do not steal ideas from films, books, or other MUDs.
Ideas that are an adaptation, or a pastiche of other things may be acceptable, ask a Captain.

3) All ideas should be presented to a member of the admin team before anyone starts any serious work, as if the idea is not workable, it's best to get this established early on, rather than waste everyone's time.

4) If you idea is a complex one, such as a mission, please let the administrators know and mudmail them a brief description (or better yet, a design document). Don't try to submit mission ideas using the idea command!

Be certain that you have also read and understood the content policy file.

<This policy may be changed at any time by the Senior Officers>
<August 21, 2000>