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Names Policy

Character names, and titles on Cryosphere must not be offensive to any player. The use of any such name, or title, which may be offensive to any individual or social grouping, will be dealt with severely.

Initially the player whose name or title is causing the offense will be asked for an alternative name/title, and the said character will be renamed. If the individual is not prepared to provide such an alternative character name, or attempts to revert to that which was deemed offensive, the powers will be at liberty to take such action as is appropriate, at their absolute discretion, to prevent that character name from being used
in the future.

If any player insists on recreating any character whose name has been deemed to be offensive, the powers will have no hesitation in taking severe action.

Offensive character names and titles will not be accepted or tolerated.

<This policy may be changed at any time by the Senior Officers>
<August 21, 2000>