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Cheating Policy


Do not accept weapons or armour from Senior Officers if you know that it doesn't belong in a certain zone. If you are not sure, let another Senior Officer know what the item is and they will check.

The use of macros, speedwalking and other client based advantages is prohibited, unless there is a delay of at least 1 second between commands. They must also not be used to complete missions, or gain credits. If in doubt, do not use them.

It has been known that exploits have slipped through the testing process, allowing a lucky few mortals to get extremely rich in a short period of time. Hint: we have a very good idea of how much cash you should have, and if you get more by illicit methods you will be punished (at the very least, you will find yourself rather poor). If you find such an exploit and let us know, you may be allowed to keep some of the cash as a reward for honesty.

If you are told that doing something is cheating, but it is not documented in this file, please talk to a Commodore or above.
Repeatedly flaunting the rules and ignoring warnings from the Admiralty will result in extreme destruction.

Senior Officers:

Do not clone any weapons, armour, food, etc for mortals, nor give them cash.

Do not summon weapons, armour, etc for mortals from a zone.

You may run with a mortal, but do not attack any enemies and do not heal them after every fight.

Do not summon a mortal out of a zone because they can't find the way out. Ask a Commodore+ before you do this.

Do not be tempted to transport yourself into a mission zone which you have still to complete. This will be treated as giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players, and you will be dealt with as the other Senior Officers deem appropriate.

<This policy may be changed at any time by the Senior Officers>
<April 1, 2004>