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Shops on the Cryosphere

There are a number of commercial facilities on the Cryosphere, these are the interesting ones -

Station Stores sells basic equipment
Officers' Club sells more advanced equipment (Warrant Officers and above only)
Insurance Office sells life insurance! (see 'INFO INSURANCE')
Hospital sells first aid equipment or treatments
Bank stores money for safekeeping (see 'INFO BANKS')
Simulations Shop sells simulator training crystals
Games Club sells simulator game crystals
Cafeteria sells food
Muon's Bar sells drinks and some junk food
Travel Agent sells tickets for long-haul flights
Quartermaster's can rent out private quarters to players (currently at no cost), and sells furniture to fill them with

To find these, be sure to use the map command on station.

In a shop, you can type list for a list of things that it sells, and then buy to buy a particular thing. You can also preview things. If there's more than one shopkeeper in a location at a time, you'll have to specify from, for example, 'list from bert', or 'buy carrot from andy'.