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Basic phrases in Lamidav

Markuma flom - Hello
Se Markumak damiti - What is your name?
Markumag mi "[name]" - My name is "[name]".
Se mik da-Inglish? - Do you speak English?
Um flong ta-vi-Inglish-ed - Take me to the British Embassy.
Um ta-Uater sing - I need a drink of water
Si ta-ki-elsslel-ki sim - What type of fish do you like?
Leminam fmin no-Lerkuam - My people will speak to your people
Flog - Sorry
Frink - Goodbye
Flom - Yes
Florm - No

Lamidav (from Lamidav "Lamidav", meaining "that which we speak") is an alien language native to the Lamidavian Federation, which rules a nearby star system.

A partial Lamidav grammar and lexicon will appear here one day.