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256 RGB colour chart
aberchat the Aberchat network
banks places to store cash
birthday everyone's birthday
boards post messages for other users to see
body major body parts
bugs the bug tracker
building Basic building dos and don'ts
combat Fighting, fleeing and death
credits who to blame
difficulty A summary of mission difficulty ratings
edenoldtownmap map of Eden Old Town
emote instructions for our emote syntax
eqsave under what circumstances is stuff kept
flags List of all flags and their purpose
formatting Guide to the various text formatting mechanisms
glossary glossary of words, especially for non-Brits!
groups allows players to move around as one
guide the graduation letter
implants A guide to cybernetic implants
insurance free deaths
justice Crimes, arrests and fines
lamidav basic phrases in Lamidav
levelplan1 plan of level 1 of the Cryosphere
levelplan2 plan of level 2 of the Cryosphere
lstonemap a map of Livingstone City
mail mail other users
maps maps
mcredits who to blame for particular missions
missions missions, static and dynamic
movement basic movement commands
multistat Customisable information listing commands
musicmap a map of the Music System
myact make your own actions!
myacttut myact system tutorial
news what's recently changed
newsotonmap map of New Southampton
oldcredits who to blame for each release of The Cryosphere
oldnews what was new a while ago
overdrawn advice on being overdrawn
pager paging through files
parser the parser and how to use it
pflags List of all pflags and their purpose
pi circumference divided by diameter
quarters crew quarters for all!
quotes Daft things people have said on here
reset our rolling reset system
ships starships and docks
shops shopping on the Cryosphere
simulators the simulator system
starmap A chart of the Cryosphere star systems
starmap2 Details on the starchart
starting getting started
submissions style guide for submissions
terminal terminal handling commands
tournament running and playing a tournament
url our website
veryoldnews what was new ages ago
writing Basic writing style guide