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Welcome to the Cryosphere

Congratulations on your graduation from the Academy and your assignment to the Cryosphere, a space station which we hope you will enjoy your time at.

The station is quite big. Level 1 is the docking area. Ships (some of which are ferry ships you can catch to get to other planets), arrive and depart from here. Level 3 is home to the Armoury, level 4 and 7 are crew quarters. 6 is Storage, and 5 is Engineering.

Level 2 is the level that is of most interest to you. Here is where most of the important operations are - these include

  • the Station Office, where you can get missions
  • the bank, a hospital, and an insurance office
  • the simulators, and a shop selling crystals for the same
  • assorted shops and facilities
  • Muon's Bar, where the crew often hang out

    You may see a map of Level 2 by using the map command when on that level. If you need help getting used to this aspect, as with the rest of the job, feel free to contact a senior officer for assistance.

    We suggest looking at the missions board in the Station Office, to see what needs doing. (see info missions) for details. Repair, maintainence, inspection, delivery, and escorting missions are all a solid source of credit, and will at first be rewarded by promotion.

    Once you progress to Petty Officer, you will be entrusted with more dangerous and more significant missions - many of which will be off-station.

    Finally, we must add a note about the rules. These are documented in 'policy'. In particular, having multiple players is frowned upon.


    The Station Administration


    If you haven't already, we suggest reading info missions and info ships.