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These people have intentionally contributed to this release :

Current Team
Ruan Kendall (Serriadh) Ideas, Coding, Design, Building, Scripting
Alf Nathan (Ellyll) Webmonkey, Server Hosting, Testing, Turnips
Gareth Oliver (Gareth) Ideas, Design, Building, Scripting, Wrangling
Samantha Thomas (Bingo) Testing, Penguin Queen
Corinna Bohley (Arianna) Testing, Token Yank

See also: info oldcredits for details of previous releases

Members no longer active
Abigail Brady (Orange) Consulting, Evil Magic
Stuart Brady (Zub) Docs, Coding, Scripting
Charlotte Wilson (Charli) Ideas, Building, Testing, Professional Clown
Paul Lettington (plett) CVS, DBA, Scripting, Coding
Graham Evans (Twiglet) Building, Scripting, Touching up, Skateboards
Andrew Anderson (Magnus) Testing
Ian Dundore (Yoru) Ideas, Building, Crabs
Clare Flanders (ClareFlare) Testing
Caroline Ford (Secret) Ideas, Building, Scripting
Daniel Hunter (Sniper) Ideas, Building, Master of Assassins
Dan Oppenheim (Boyde) Building, Testing
Robert Rescorla (Oy_U) Breaking things
Tim Ridgen (Cryogenius) Ideas, Design
Alex Turner (MusicMaker) Ideas, Project Manager, Design, Building
Ellen Ward (Mystique) Ideas, Building
Arwen Wilcock (Tinuviel) Ideas, Building
Daniel Hatfield (Picayune) Building, Testing, Token Yank
Martin Lester (Mariusz) Building, Scripting
Tyler (Decroix) Building, Testing
Melanie Wilkie (Sunblaze) Testing
Dale Baldwin (Daz) Ideas, Coding, Pedanticity, Pin Cushion

In addition, thanks to the following people :

Aurora - the title screen
Kroll - some help with aberchat

And of course a big shout to MusicMaker and Cryogenius for starting this whole thing off.

There are probably lots of people we've forgotten. Sorry.