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Board System

Several message boards can be found scattered around the Cryosphere universe, allowing you to write messages concerning ideas, queries, notices, etc, for all to see. The board also allows Senior Officers to notify you of any important announcements and developments that will affect the game, in addition to info news.

Board Commands

scan/examine - Allows you to see all messages on a board.
message [<number>] - Allows you to read a specific message, or the first unread one.
write <msg subject> - Lets you post a message on the board.
erase <number> - Erase a message you have written.

For each of the commands, you can specify a 'board name' immediately after them to use the command remotely. For example, 'cs.misc' is the Cryosphere's main board. Use 'scan all' to get a list of all the boards you can see remotely, use 'message' to get any message you haven't read already.