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Special Actions

On Cryosphere, there are special actions that allow you to communicate on a non-verbal basis with other players in the same location as yourself and, in some instances, with players who are in a different location from you,
e.g. SMILE <player>.

You also have the ability to perform actions on mobiles, e.g. SLAP Frank. Certain actions also support targetting inanimate objects (such as POKE floor), and even targetting people with inanimate objects (POINT truncheon at Muon).

A third class of actions will also accept text, allowing you to SING tra la la for example. Some of these may be targetted at people by typing 'sing muon> la la la' (don't forget the > after the target's name!) or by using 'sing @ffilc do re mi'. The standard SAY command is also targettable in this fashion.

For a list of special actions, type actions.

Note : these special actions are a little different from normal commands used for interacting with mobiles, objects and players, e.g. give, get, and attack. They can be done remotely, for example.

Some commands can be used like actions over a commline... for example “gossip #fly”. When used in this way, none of the normal command effects will occur... kicking something over a commline won't break it, and flying over acommline won't make you take off! Commands that can be used like this are highlighted blue in the output of the actions command.

See also : help for a list of normal actions, and info for more general information. Also check out INFO MYACT for how to create your own actions on-the-fly.