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help verbs

verbs [-n foo] [-a] - displays verbs whose names match *foo*

If [-a] is specified, any actions will be suppressed and only normal verbs will be shown.

* DenyExists:
If the player is not allowed to use this verb, deny the verb exists instead of saying "You can't do that."
* MagicSpace
Multiple spaces in the command will be squished down to a single space.
* OkNoOwner
Objects with no owner (eg. @musicmud, magicobjects) are allowed to use this command.
* Awake
Only people who are awake can use this verb.
* NonPlayer
Players cannot use this verb.
* FreeHand
People who have been tied up or lost all their hands cannot use this verb.
* KeepArgs
Don't alter the command name when searching for the right verb.