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help look

look in <container>
look at <object>

On its own, look will print a description of the location that you are in. If you specify to look in something, you will be told what objects are inside that object. Looking at something is the same as examining it.

  You are standing on the ground in the Spaceport Entrance.
    This is the entrance to Livingstone Interstellar Spaceport. It is a quite
  small spaceport, with facilities for about a dozen shuttles. Most medium 
  sized ships dock at the orbital facility. Larger ships dock at another 
  facility known as the Cryosphere.
    It is early morning.
  You see...
    There is a panel describing the ships that are here
  Obvious exits are...
    north          : Main Street
    east           : Ship Dealer
    south          : Landing Field 1
    west           : Booking Office