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Coalition, the

The Coalition Commerciale Galactique, (Galactic Trade Coalition, or for short "Coalition") was formed in a direct response to the Empire. It main members are France (who have controlled the Coalition since its inception) and several smaller countries and principalities (notably Algiers, Walonia, some former Swiss Cantons, several African countries, and the Republic of Québec) who have banded together against the threat they feel is present from the Empire.

Under the terms of the Ganymede Convention, conflicts between the two forces have been kept to a minimum, but an undercurrent of mistrust and hostility is always present.

Due to the suspected involvement of the Coalition in the hyperspatial mine incident in the Sol system, the Empire and the Coalition are moving closer to a serious conflict, but diplomacy has so far prevented this. The opening of a French consulate on Livingstone, as well as both sides' regular patrols along the demilitarised zone help to maintain the fragile peace.