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Brazil's presence in space goes back a long way. It was a participant in the International Space Station project, and was founder member of the International Space Agency, taking part in the early manned hyperspace missions. An already growing economy was further bolstered by entry into the Free Trade Area of the Americas. By the 2020s, Brazil was generally considered a first-world nation.

The Third World War affected mainly the northern hemisphere. Southern powers such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia became even more influential. Today, the Earth is still dominated by northern and equatorial powers (America, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia), but at last the southern hemisphere has a say which is proportionate to its population.

Brazil has many permanent off-world bases and settlements, the largest of which is the Lunar settlement Nova Brasilia. However Brazil's extrasolar presence is rather limited, consisting mainly of several mining and research bases all in one system. With passage to Sol now impossible, this is now highly dependent upon imports of food and manufactured goods from other nations' possessions.

As far as can be ascertained, Brazil has the only extrasolar cocoa bean production facility. This has been used since the crisis with great skill - nations are extremely reluctant to antagonize Brazil if they are afraid that their chocolate supplies will be cut off.