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United States

At the turn of the century, the United States of America stood alone as the world's sole superpower. The former Soviet Union was in chaos, the European Union indecisive. Nations such as China and India were still regional powers. It was also entering a period of isolationism. By the time the US returned from its self-enforced diplomatic exile in 2009, the world was a very different place.

This internationalist US was a strong supporter of the United Nations reform in the the early 2010s. It also started a crash program to catch up to the Europeans in the second Space Race.

The US was a participant in the Third World War of 2026. The conflict was triggered when UNOEC demanded the removal of several judges who had been appointed by decree by President Hayes. When Hayes refused, the Security Council had no choice but to resort to sanctions.

The full story is recounted elsewhere. By the end of the war, the United Nations was dissolved, heavy damage had been done to most of the industralised world, and millions were dead. Thankfully the Nuclear Weapons Prohibiton Treaty remained intact.

By 2038, the first American extrasolar colony, in the Jefferson system, was founded, followed in the 2040s by settlements in Kennedy, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

Relations betweens the States and the Empire remain reasonable, although we are concerned at the level of US/French co-operation.