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The Sol system is not very notable, except for its status as home of the human race. The Humans originated on the third planet out, called Earth, and have made extensive settlements on the Moon, Mars, Europa, Ganymede, and Titan. There are many thousands of minor settlements - practically every body of small-moon size or greater has a mining outpost or a science station or other habitation.

The Sol system, and Earth in particular, has had a very troubled history, with frequent wars, and this has led to a politically divided system, with several superpowers - the Empire, the Coalition, India, China, the United States, Russia, Indonesia and Brazil. For the alien visitor, this complexity may seem bewildering, but also reassuring, in that if the forces of Earth are divided there is less threat.

Humanity was confined to cislunar space until the early 21st century, when Hyperspace was discovered. This technology made even interplanetary journeys significantly faster and also significantly reduced launch costs. Although expansion was slow at first, the ultimate success of the SETI project in 2034, (HMS Beagle's discovery of the Leminam) caused popular support for government-backed colonisation projects.

Major starports in the solar system include the three 'Treaty Ports' of Canaveral, Baikonur and Woomera, (which under the Ganymede Convention any nation may use for peaceful purposes), and the starports at Armstrong and Syria Planum on the Moon and Mars respectively.