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Of all the pre-war superpowers, Russia has fallen the furthest, now finding herself at the whim of previously minor global powers.

Whilst a major player in the early race into space, internal conflicts prevented much needed investment in hyperspace technology, and soon Russia was a bankrupt nation, relying on the economic support of the Chinese.

This support was swiftly withheld however, as the Russian support of Tibet's bid for a greater degree of self rule rancoured deeply. Russia was therefore forced to turn to the former republics it fought over for financial aid. The Central Asian Block (who by this time had formed an increasingly lucrative trade agreement with several western nations) begrudgingly agreed to aid their former masters. Today, only the rump of the great Russian Empire is left.

Currently, Russia controls only a handful of colonised worlds, the primary trade and administrative base being Gagaringrad, on the outskirts of explored space. This area, although not "fashionable" by any means, has rich deposits of untapped mineral resources. The once mighty Russia never managed to bridge the technological chasm that opened up between herself and the other spacefaring nations, but due to the growing demand for rare minerals, can not be overlooked, as their power and influence begins slowly to grow once more.