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HMS Beagle

On the third of August 2034, HMS Beagle, a Victory-class starship, was exploring in Sector 21x24x410. One of the stars on the schedule was BCS-21.24.410-133, a rather unremarkable yellow star. It was on the fourth planet from this star that the first extraterrestrial civilisation was discovered.

After the initial communication difficulties were sorted out, the Lamidavians (or as they call themselves, the Leminam), transpired to be an otherwise more technologically advanced race than the humans, but had had the bad luck to never discover hyperspace, and were thus confined to their own system.

Captain Adams met with planetary leaders, and at this meeting the groundwork for the good relations between the British and the Leminam was laid.

In May 2035, HMS Beagle was relieved by a number of ships and returned to Earth. Its crew were given a hero's welcome, the ship itself treated to a full refit.

HMS Beagle resumed service in December 2035, and went on to discover another six planets with native life, and one additional planet with intelligent life (Music Prime) making it the only ship to have discovered two extraterrestrial intelligences.

HMS Beagle was retired from service in 2059, and is now an exhibit in the National Space Centre.