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Georgesstar is the administrative centre for much of the British extrasolar holdings, this role taking upon a new importance since the minefield was layed.

Settlements in the Georgesstar system (named for King George VII), include two cities upon the snowball world of New Antarctica. Although the atmosphere here is non-toxic and non-corrosive, it is also non-breathable, so residents and visitors alike must wear oxygen masks at all times.

Kingston, the larger and older of the two, has most of the civilian facilities and is a popular skiing resort. The other, Churchill, is a military-industrial complex, featuring, the only extrasolar shipyard owned by the British, and a BAE research facility.

Another world in the system New Jersey II was the site of one of the earlier mining colonies. Even the once-bustling capital of St Helier is now a virtual ghost town as the initial "ore rush" collapsed. The colony now ekes out a living by getting paid to store high-level nuclear waste.