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British Space Empire

The British Space Empire was founded shortly after the discovery of Hyperspace in the early 21st century. After an initial exploratory phase, large-scale government-backed colonisation of space began.

Today, the Empire has bases on over a dozen moons and other minor bodies in the Sol system, and claims several million star systems. However, most of these are not garrisoned, or recognised by other nations. The Empire has recognised colonies in about a dozen of the more promising star systems, notably the Music system, which is home to the largest space station outside of the Sol system, the Cryosphere, and the more established settlements in the Georgesstar system. Unconfirmed estimates of unofficial extrasolar settlements are in the hundreds.

With Sol cut off from the rest of the galaxy due to the minelaying done by the Coalition in flagrant violation of the Ganymede Convention, the Empire is now the pre-eminent power in the galaxy - rivalled only by the Coalition.