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The Music system, or as it was then known, BSC-279.270.24-12 was first visited by HMS Beagle in 2054. Upon arrival, it was discovered that in addition to having native intelligent life on the second planet (now designated 'Music Prime'), the third planet had a moon (Livingstone), that was an excellent candidate for terraforming.

The British moved in immediately, and now, in 2063, they have settlements on Livingstone (3a), Skinner (3b), and a large space station called the Cryosphere. There is a privately-owned skyfarm in orbit of Barane. Planned mining colonies on Aber and Kazimierz have been delayed until after the resolution of the minefield crisis, but already existing facilities there are maintained.

There are a number of state-funded passenger vessels in the Music system. Of these the most important are SS Perky and SS Penfold which flies between Cryosphere and Livingstone, and SS Pinky which flies between Livingstone and Skinner.